Tuesday, December 7th, 2004 #1695
The Fifth Megaman Game Technobabble Overload
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Like all good technobabble, this has just enough real science in it to almost make sense.

While space appears fairly stable and flat from a macroscopic point of view, as you zoom in toward the quantum level, you find that even truly empty space is very chaotic, with virtual particles popping in and out of existence, along with energy being converting to matter-antimatter pairs which are then reconverted back into energy, all the time.

This chaos is sometimes referred to as quantum foam, with the analogy being how sea foam might appear smooth and flat from far enough away, but as you get closer, you see that it's very lumpy.

All of these intereactions are believed to constantly create temporary microscopic black holes and possible wormholes which promptly recollapse on themselves.

What I'm trying to get across here is that if the Present Alternates were indeed vaporized, as Proto Man says, their vaporized particles may have been funneled into one of these microscopic wormholes and transported across time and dimensions to the one place they'd have to be to prevent a paradox...

The bit about n-polarization is just made-up, though.
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