Wednesday, December 1st, 2004 #1689
The Fifth Megaman Game Ran Says the F-Word, Maybe
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Since it was December 1st again, I wanted to continue the tradition of someone in the comic using the f-bomb, and I thought it would be funny if it was Ran, and he just went off on someone for all the abuse he's been taking lately.

However, since Ran is not my character, I thought I'd run it past the real Ran, and he said he didn't like the idea of Ran swearing. So I decided to censor him. And then, since I was already doing some censoring, I thought I'd take it far past the point of reason. The truth is, most of what's under those black bars isn't actually swearing.

The full transcript of Ran's dialogue is

Panel 2You bastard! How dare you fucking throw me at Gamma!
Panel 3How would you fucking like it if everyone was using you as some kind of projectile weapon!
Panel 4Didn't think about it, did you?! You don't even care about me! All you care about is what I can do for you! Well, I've just had it!
Panel 5I'm leaving and you can do the fucking comic by yourself! I'm going to start my own fucking comic!
Panel 6WHAT?! What is it that is so goddamn fucking important?!
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