Thursday, May 13th, 2004 #1487
The Fifth Megaman Game A Typical Entry
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I think the majority of the text there is quite readable, but in case you want to know exactly what's written up there:

12 May 20XX
mood | mad
I can't believe that stupid gray robot blew up Dark Man! Does he have any idea how long I spent working on that robot? He's just like Mega Man! These dicks just show up whenever they want and just blow up my creations! And Dark Man was my only friend...
12 May 20XX
mood | sad
All I want is a friend, is that so bad? But no one wants to be my friend, so I have to build my own. But they're always destroying my robots, my only friends! And no matter what I do, they're always blowing up my fortresses! I just can't handle it anymore! Why are they so mean to me?!
12 May 20XX
mood | depressed
Sometimes I cut myslef just to...

And that's all I wrote.

And I have no idea why the dates are wrong.
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