Wednesday, May 12th, 2004 #1486
The Fifth Megaman Game
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It didn't occur to me until a few days after I put up this comic that I should probably have registered "", but then it was too late. Some automated squatter program had already registered it and held it until well after the comic ended.

At one point I had thought about actually trying to do a fake journal at that URL, as though I was actually Dr. Wily keeping an online journal, something like Batman's twitter feed. In the webcomic Goats, the authors routinely made mock-ups of the various websites they showcased in their comic, such as "" (which is now defunct). I thought maybe I could do someting similar.

I had the idea that if the timing of the games is to be believed, with the first three games taking place in 200X and the fourth game in 20XX, then perhaps Megaman 4 took place in 2010, and if I worked backwards, assuming a year for each game, the first game would have taken place in 2007, just around the time the comic was ending. That gave me an actual timetable for the journal posts, and I could pretend to be Dr. Wily throughout the games.

Unfortunately, I was never able to get my shit together, and it took too long to wait for the squatter to give up, so nothing ever came of it.

On the upside, as of this writing, I was able to register "", so maybe I will do something with it.
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