Wednesday, August 15th, 2001 #488
The Next Generation Jedi Mind Trick
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It suddenly occurred to me, as I was putting together these comics with Dr. Light, that I had something of a plot hole on my hands.

Since Dr. Light was present during the events of the Second Megaman Game, why wouldn't he remember sending the Mega Man of the past into the future to have him repaired? Come to think of it, why wouldn't he be waiting for their return from the past with the polaron resequencer fired up and ready? Then again, would that mean that he knew they were going to go into the past in the first place? So did he know that, at some point, Mega Man would end up traveling into the past to fix a paradox? Or did he not know any of this until after they traveled into the past in the first place and altered the timeline? In fact, did they actually alter the timeline, or is that how it was supposed to happen?

Anyway, in the end, I think my solution is much simpler: Dr. Light's just old. Those events took place many years ago, and Dr. Light simply forgot. Why he would forget something so monumental... I'm not sure... which is why the Author ends up resorting to the Force in the end, for everyone knows that any plothole, no matter how large or potentially devastating to an entire franchise of films, can be fixed with a simple application of the Force.
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