Friday, August 10th, 2001 #483
The Next Generation Enthusiasm
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I honestly have no idea how this time scanning concept is supoosed to work. If they have a machine that can scan the time-space continuum for X's signature, wouldn't they pick him up all over the place? How could you pick a particular time and say, "There he is."? Would it be more of a range of time that you'd be looking at, and you could say that X existed in a particular place during these time intervals?

If that's the case, I suppose Zero and Dr. Cain would have detected X in three separate time periods, aside from their own, right? I mean, first they would find him during the Second Megaman Game, which is what Zero mentions in the second panel. Then they'd find him arrivin in the "present", right after the temporal shockwave went through, which would technically also include what's happening right now. And I suppose the third time is when X is originally activated later in the comic.

But regardless of how that technology works, why would Zero show up right now, at this point in the storyline? Why not a day before or a day after? Or a week ago?

The only way I could possibly explain it would be with the idea of parallel time, that events in the future "move" at the same rate as they do in the present. In other words, if you travel into the future and stay there for five hours, when you return to the present, five hours will have passed. Or something like that. Relative to Zero and Dr. Cain in the future, one day X just up and disappeared. (This isn't taking into account that he disappeared because the past had been altered and neither of them probably existed anymore... no, that's been fixed, but X still apparently disappeared.) Relative to them and their time period then, they've spent the time since X disappeared looking for him, and they just "now" found him. They had to pick which of the three time periods to visit, and then go. And when they did that, Zero showed up here, now.

Either that or they just chose at random.

Of course, the real reason Zero showed up here and now is that I made it happen that way. But that's not nearly as interesting to think about.
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