Sunday, July 29th, 2001 #471
Something Stupid Roll, the Mysterious Fighter
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And so, the mysterious new fighter turns out to just be Roll. I figured since I'd already turned her into a filthy-mouthed, angry little bitch, why not give her a blaster and make her super-violent too? Just as long as she's not a slut.

Her costume is just a Mega Man body with a Proto Man helmet recolored with Roll's regular colors and Zero's hair for the extensions. I figured she needed something girly for her costume, and Zero's hair is just about as girly as you can get.

When I was putting this comic together, I remember thinking that I needed some way to reveal who was under the helmet, since I thought it might not be obvious enough. The whole point of this comic was to reveal the identity of the mysterious fighter to the readers, and if they couldn't figure it out, then it hasn't done its job. So that's why Proto Man awkwardly says Roll's name in the last panel.
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