Tuesday, November 29th, 2005 #2052
Prelude to the Worst Time Light's Dainty Secret
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This is a callback to Bass noticing that Dr. Wily was apparently wearing women's underwear.

I should mention that I totally forgot George was supposed to have a bionic eye later. I think I originally intended for there two be a few comics later dealing with George attempting to use his powers and they interfere with his bionic eye, but I just dropped it. I think, in the end, George's real eye probably rematerialized the first time George turned himself completely into energy and back again. I mean, why wouldn't he rematerialize back into his original form?

This would suggest that any injury George sustains could be easily repaired by simply transforming into energy and back. I never got a chance to further explore this idea, and frankly, I probably wouldn't, since it feels like cheating.
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