Friday, April 11th, 2003 #1089
The Fourth Megaman Game A Magic Spell?
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The broom sprite is from Matoya's cave in the first Final Fantasy game. If you talk to it, it tells you "TCELES B HSUP..." and your characters asks if it's a magic spell. If you then go outside and press the B and Select buttons together, an overview of the world map appears, which can be quite handy. When I was thinking about Mega Man talking to an inanimate object, the broom came to mind. And once I'd thought about including the broom, I knew I had to have a joke where it speaks backwards.

Unfortunately, this meant everyone would have to move out of the panel so the broom would be lonely, which made the blocking really weird, given that the cage is still right there. What difference would it make on which side of the cage they talk? I suppose it could have worked better if I'd pointed out the awkwardness of it as a joke.

The broom would make another appearance in the next game.
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