Friday, April 4th, 2003 #1082
The Third Party The End of the Party
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This year's anniversary party was shorter than most. The first anniversary was a week long because it started on a Sunday. This time it was only five days, with only two of them being interview comics, since there was the full animation comic leading into it, followed by the political comic.

In the first frame we've got Rush and Chick Bot from Taco: The Comic. What Mike's talking about in the last panel is that even though he did these interviews a year earlier, his character was still technically at the bottom of that cliff, so presumably when he was done with the interviews, he had to go back down there.

In the second frame we've got Mynd again, though this time Mike's not playing along. He wouldn't play along next time, either.

For the third frame, I got to thinking about who else might be in line to beat on Mega Man, and I thought it'd be funny if a future Mega Man was there as well, just because everyone else was doing it.

And the last frame was just Mike talking to me, which is how other anniversary parties have ended. Like many webcomic authors, I didn't make much money off the site, if any, and it could be a lot of work to keep everything up and running and updated all the time. I was still a grad student at the time, so the only way I could describe myself was as tired and poor, especially after I got fucked by Serverfly.
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