Monday, February 11th, 2002 #665
The Third Megaman Game Electromagnetic Whatzit?
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An electromagnetic pulse is the result of a discontinuous change in an electromagnetic field. For example, if you charged up a powerful electromagnet and then simply unplugged it rather than ramping the current down, the collapse of the EM field would cause an uncontrolled release of electromagnetic radiation known as an electromagnetic pulse.

An EM pulse would tend to disrupt and damage any electrical or magnetic components in the area. The electric and magnetic fields in the EMP would cause massive accelerations of the electrons in the wiring of the components, causing short circuits and currents large enough to simply melt the wiring. We're not just talking about hard drives or video tapes getting wiped clean, we're talking about causing damage similar to what would happen if you were to dump a glass of salt water into your computer. It could be very bad.

In this case, it disrupts Proto Man's body, but not his mind. As we learn later, Light-bots use an optical storage system for their brains, which could be relatively undamaged by an EM pulse.
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