Friday, February 22nd, 2002 #676
The Third Megaman Game There Is No Closet
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Top Man's statement about homosexuals being more outspoken is based on my personal recollections of the early nineties. It really seems to me as though homosexuality and sexual orientation has become much more recognized in the past decade than in any time prior. I might be completely wrong on that, but I'm pretty sure there weren't any gay main characters on major television programs in 1990.

Anyway, I think Mega Man's final statement here is, fundamentally, the real reason some people don't like homosexuality, if only they were totally honest with themselves. Oh sure, they might claim it has to do with religious beliefs, but deep down, they just think it's icky.

And I personally believe that if people could just come to terms with that, they'd be much more comfortable and accepting about gender preferences. You might still find it icky, but at least you'd allow others to be icky if they want.

This punchline was brought up again, completely out of context.
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