Saturday, January 12th, 2002 #635
The Third Megaman Game Never Say It Can't Get Worse
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Once again, a character invokes the wrath of the Author by challenging him to try to make the situation worse than it already is. And the challenge is answered with the introduction of Proto Man, who initially appeared to be working for Dr. Light in the Third Megaman Game.

For previous storylines, I used Proto Man's actual 8-bit sprites, but in this and later games I would replace them with my own creations, a mixture of Mega Man and Proto Man sprites. Proto Man's original 8-bit sprites are rather difficult to work with, while Mega Man's give me much more latitude to do what I want with them. Besides, aren't Proto Man and Mega Man supposed to share the basic body design?

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I'm pretty sure I was really drunk when updated this particular comic. In fact, it was pretty impressive well I was able to update given how drunk I was.
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