Friday, April 7th, 2006 #2181
The Sixth Party Cameo Invasion
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Phew. I figured if I was doing cameos, I might as well go all out. Unfortunately, that means I have to be able to identify everyone for the commentary...

  • Starting from the left, the fellow with the gray hair and the armor is Kieran Walker talking to Metal Shark Player who is apparently sometimes a chick.
  • Next to them is Talon talking to Doctor Diablo with a Metroid stuck to his head.

  • Then there's Author X asking Myrmadon, with blood on his helicopter blades, what happened to the waitress, a reference to previous incidents.

  • Coda, the resident forum-guru, in the white and green is talking to his fiancee, Pop, about their wedding and whether or not to invite Ohmdalar, from Karnak's comic.

  • Ngamer is talking to Infinity (the floating diamond), Shoba, and Umbrae, who are ogling Metal Shark Player.

  • Hanging from the ceiling above Ngamer is Reynard.

  • Underneath Ohmdalar is Striker.

  • At the right side, Andrusi, in the armor, and Erk, in the black robe, are talking.

  • On the left side of the bottom panel, Iris is talking to NW. I believe the joke there is that Reploid Hunter Iris was created by Cardcaptor Schlueter and Iris had nothing to do with it, but people were always making that incorrect assumption.

  • Then there's Karnak and DisgruntledFerret discussing what happened at the last party when Karnak attempted to eat DF.

  • Between DisgruntledFerret and iX is Eternal Dreams.

  • We've got iX and Plague talking about how much better things were before all these custom sprite people showed up.

  • Next to Plague we've got Sytel talking to Chocolate Ninja and Umitenshiko about how she's going to attack the Author.

  • The big green monster is Karnella, with Halfing Daniel and Ran in front of her (it?).

  • And lastly, the Author and Rick, of course.

I think that's blackbeltdude at the very left in the top panel, and I think the guy hanging above the Metroid and DoctorDiablo is Megalan, but I'm not sure.
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