Wednesday, December 5th, 2001 #600
The Attack of Mynd Proto Man's Thoughts
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I think the last time I did thought boxes, I didn't use the little square thought bubbles to indicate that they were, in fact, thought boxes. (That comic has since been modified.) So when I was making this comic, I thought it might be helpful to include a few little indicators to let the readers know just what the thought bubbles were supposed to be. And since I'd included those, I figured I'd throw in a few unnecessary ones too.

When you read this comic, please remember that Proto Man is really, really mad at Mynd for killing Mega Man. I honestly didn't know if I'd be bringing anyone back to life after this storyline was over, so Proto Man couldn't read ahead to know either, and he'd be understandably angry about his brother being killed. Angry to the point of considering a self-sacrifice.

This is Freakadave. Freakadave is basically a Freakazoid version of me. Essentially, he started with a conversation in the chat room that progressed to me creating a sprite of Freakadave and animating a sequence that showed how the Author turned into him by drinking some tainted soda.

This resulted in a few more episodes, basically about whatever random thing I felt like making them about. It was great fun. If you'd like to read more about why I made them, there's commentary on those pages.

By the way, this wasn't the original quip I was going to use for this day, but I thought the original might be a bit inappropriate.
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