Friday, February 9th, 2001 #301
Tales From a Parallel Universe 1 George the Serial Killer
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I figured if regular George's defining characteristic was being the ultimate good guy, then his alternate must be a psychotic homicidal maniac. However, George is also rather lazy, which has apparently stayed constant across the dimensions, as his alternate only killed those who couldn't defend themselves. Then again, maybe he only killed the defenseless because he liked the whole "innocent" factor. I guess that would make him even more evil, wouldn't it?

You know, I was just thinking, if things were different, Bob and Alternate George might get along, what with them both being evil. I mean, Bob has always been trying to turn George to the dark side, so you'd think Alternate George would be his wish come true, an evil George. Then again, as we've seen throughout the comics, Bob isn't entirely evil, more of an anti-hero. Alternate George, on the other hand, really doesn't have any redeeming qualities, so I'd imagine even Bob would be repulsed by his behavior eventually.

Anyway, here's a thought for you: What were the alternates of Dr. Light, Dr. Wily, and Roll like? Was Dr. Light a stupid teetotaller? Was Dr. Wily a benevolent force for good? Was Roll a filthy, yet friendly little girl? Which main personality trait would you assign to the three of them, and how would it be twisted in the Alternate Universe?
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