Wednesday, March 5th, 2003 #1052
Dave's Adventures in Canada Day Five
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Seriously, don't make fun of the TSA's rules. I didn't do what's depicted in this comic, obviously, given that I'm not writing this from a prison cell.

But come on, nail clippers? Really? Some of those things were pretty stupid. If you ask me, though, it's a shame things can never go back to the way they were before pat-downs and naked scanners. But I guess that's a pre-9/11 mentality.

For those wondering what the sign says, to the best of knowledge...

You are NOT allowed to carry any of the following items onto the plane.

Guns, knives, harpoons, nail clippers,
swords, laxatives, sharp fingernails,
nails, screws, nail files, harpoons,
scabies, syphilis, bazookas, ninja stars,
confetti, shoelaces, amnesia, blasters,
dynamite, chobits, robots, brains,
common sense, liberals, terrorists,
harpoons, roller skates, hats, gloves,
razors, scissors, underwear, pantsu,
rats, cats, dogs, chipmunks, monkeys,
kefka, plague, ramnesis, lemons

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