Wednesday, November 15th, 2000 #215
Not Just Another Day Um....
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What I find interesting about this comic is that, for the first time, someone's behavior seems odd. While that may not seem that interesting to you, it's an indication that the audience is familiar enough with the characters in the comic tell when something is amiss. That is, this is the sort of thing that can only be accomplished when a character's personality has been sufficiently fleshed out that the reader realizes that he's acting strangely, something that can only really happen in a storyline-driven comic.

Hopefully by this point in the comic, readers realize that raw violence is not Proto Man's way; he's too cool for that sort of thing. The real Proto Man would be more likely to chastise Mega Man for resorting to violence so quickly, which Mega Man seems to be expecting right up until the last panel. The chastisement doesn't come, clearly an indication that something odd must be going on, leading the reader to wonder if perhaps this isn't the real Proto Man. Or, at the very least, a seed of doubt will be planted, the idea that something isn't quite right here.
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