Saturday, July 1st, 2006 #2266
The Sixth Megaman Game Upstaged
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As I recall, Superman Returns had just come out, and I was feeling like including something about it in the comic.

For the record, I liked the movie, even though Superman is a super-creepy stalker in it. I mean, that scene with the plane is one of my all-time favorites. And I think Kevin Spacey did a good job with Lex Luthor. I think Kate Bosworth was a terrible Lois Lane, made all the more evident by the fact that they had Parker Posey right there and she would've done a much better job with it.

I also blame Superman Returns on that travesty called X-Men III, since Bryan Singer left X-Men to work on it. I suppose I could blame Brent Ratner, but I can't really blame him for just being a terrible director. It's like kicking a puppy for pooping on the floor. It's just what they do. Besides, now that Days of Future Past retconned all those movies, it's not so bad anymore.

Still, no matter how bad Superman Returns may or may not have been, it was still better than Man of Steel.
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