Bob and George
Thursday, April 7th, 2005 #1816
The Fifth Party Top Liss
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Actually, by this point, I think Liss was working as a logistics coordinator for a feed company... but I liked the joke too much to worry about reality. By the way, since then, Liss got a second English degree and a master's degree in library science. Also, I'm not kidding, if you ask her if I'm a jackass in real life, she will totally say yes.

The cameos in the first frame are Ettin and Reynard.

In the last two frames, there's a cameo by Punk from Dysfunction. She was sort of dating Bob, who she has mistaken Alternate Bob for. And since Alternate Bob is supposed to be dating Top Man, there's some hurt feelings. I'm pretty sure I had to make that Top Man sprite, probably from a Bass sprite and a Top Man head, which is why he's running away in the last frame.

Also, Punk kicking Mike in the crotch is a reference to their previous meeting.

I really wish I could tell you what Liss is saying in the background of the fourth frame, but I'm afraid I didn't save the original in a format that would allow for it. Clearly she's talking about how fucking clever I think I am in the first panel, and I'm pretty sure she's complaining about how, at the time, I liked to put ketchup on tacos in the third. I have no idea what she's talking about in the second... something about a hose?
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