Bob and George
Saturday, May 18th, 2002 #761
The Third Megaman Game Inviso Shades
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I've always liked to believe that Proto Man's helmet isn't a helmut with a pair of shades attached, but actually has microscopic cameras lining the outsides, feeding to a series of monitors which gives Proto Man a 360° view at all times. Additionally, of course, this allows him to see far beyond the normal range of human vision. He says something similar in the future.

Before the prequels came out and everything changed, I'd heard the same thing said about Boba Fett's helmet, which is what I based this idea on. But from what I can tell, since they retconned everything with the clones, it's not true anymore.

Well, whatever's inside Proto Man's helmet, it better be more than just sunglasses, cause it's apparently night in this comic, and Proto Man's not that stupid.
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