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Thursday, April 18th, 2002 #731
The Third Megaman Game Who Needs Strategy Guides?
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After the kerfuffle about the weapon weaknesses from the second Megaman game, I made sure to properly match up the weapon weaknesses in this game. And according to the Megaman Homepage, Spark Man is supposed to be susceptible to Shadow Blade. Realistically, it didn't make much sense to me how that would work, so I decided to play with expectations and make it relatively harmless.... plus I was going somewhere with this (and I needed a Shadow Blade laying on the ground).

As you can read in the ad above, The Primer Chronicles were Esper's explanation for what happened between the original Megaman series and the Megaman X series. Much like my comic, it involves a super-powerful villain intent on killing everyone. Unlike my comic, it contains more girls and a bunch of touch-feely lovey stuff. But it's well done, looks nice, and took the characters in directions I never went, so it's well worth a read.

The Primer Chronicles are also interesting because they're one of the only comics created by a prominent member of the BnG community that weren't hosted on Bob and George. Esper wanted to keep his comics separate and hosted them on his own site, which has, unfortunately, long since disappeared. Luckily, a fan by the name of Viper-X27 took the time to copy all of the comics before that happened, and Esper has allowed me to host them on the Comics Page.

Also, yes, I know it says "Primer's Chronicles" in the caption there. I didn't know too much about Esper's comic when I wrote the caption, and I didn't catch it until years later and never got around to fixing it.
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