Friday, September 7th, 2001 #511
Tales From a Parallel Universe 4 New Plan
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As I've mentioned before, I screwed up this part of the storyline. For some reason, I thought Mynd would not only need Bob's blaster to access the Megaman Universe, but he'd also need to get the dimensional coordinates from Bob's blaster. Neither of those points make sense, given that Mynd was looking in on the Megaman Universe a while back, and one would presume he had some other method of physically reaching the Megaman Universe given that he wasn't expecting Bob to show up at all.

But, perhaps not only was Mynd's original dimesional portal generator destroyed when Bob blew up his fortress, but maybe he also misplaced the Megaman Universe's dimensional coordinates, and was hoping to get them from Bob's blaster.

Unfortunately, as is indicated in this comic, Bob's blaster is always set to random, so there's no way for Bob to go back to a dimension he's already been to, making it useless for Mynd's purposes.

At least, this version of Bob's dimensional blaster is set to random. One would assume that the version he uses later with the time machine upgrade allows him to go anywhere he wants.
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