Saturday, July 24th, 2004 #1559
The Fifth Megaman Game Troublesome Teen Years
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The picture in the first panel is just some image I found based on witch trials, Salem, I think, and the images from the last two panels are from Rob Schneider's film The Animal. I specifically chose that movie because Liss despises Rob Schneider and his movies, and if I was going to murder a movie star with fire, it might as well have been him.

I'm sure you noticed the googly eyes, but did you notice the way his flesh is melting due to the fire?

I would imagine George didn't have nearly as much of a problem with this sort of thing as Bob. While Bob could set people of fire, what could George do? Give them nasty shocks? Annoying yet, but probably as much for him as anyone else.

Which might explain his personality as well...
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