Monday, July 19th, 2004 #1554
The Fifth Megaman Game Easy Cheesy
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This was another self-deprecating poke at how much easier it is to make sprite comics over hand-drawn comics. Sometimes it really is just a matter of clicking and dragging sprites onto a canvas and typing a bunch of words.

I mean, look at this comic. That computer's in the same place in each frame, so that's a copy and paste. Bob's in the same place, and the sprites in the first and third panels are exactly the same. The second and fourth are a little different, but if I already had those sprites made, it's just a matter of moving them from the sprite sheet to the comic. Same with the Author. Then it's just a matter of putting in the script, the writing of which is usually the hardest part of the comic.

How can that even compare to the hours spent drawing, inking, and coloring for even the simplest hand-drawn comic?
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