Bob and George
Friday, October 17th, 2003 #1278
Another Bad Time A Profound Moment
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My point here is that seeing yourself in person from outside your own body is an experience you don't... well, that anyone has ever really had.

Oh, sure, I suppose identical twins (and triplets, etc.) have it close enough, but that's not really you. And I suppose seeing yourself on video is pretty close, though that's technically a two-dimensional image and it isn't quite the same. Really, I think you'd need some sort of true 3-D video to get a true sense of what you look like to others.

Also mirrors don't count either, because you can't see your own ass that way. And sets of mirrors wouldn't work either because... Look, the point is that this is supposed to be a freaky situation and Bass is ruining it with his screaming.

I suppose those could be Chadling's screams of pain, but I think we all know who's really winning this fight. You know, aside from who we know will win this fight.
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