Bob and George
Thursday, August 14th, 2003 #1214
Story Time Festering Evil
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Maybe George is just getting bored with the recap and has started spewing random comments. While a reference to Mega Man's eyelash debaucle that lead to his turning evil, it really doesn't make sense since George is human and should have eyelashes.

In truth, as you probably guessed, I was having difficulty thinking up punchlines for this exposition storyline and would use pretty much anything I could think of to end each comic.

By the way, while it might seem like everything Proto Man is talking about here is untrue, since the whole Helmut imposter thing kinda retconned it, I retconned that retcon a little by introducing Vic, who would have been in Mega Man at the time... right? Though, since Bob programmed Vic, technically that wouldn't be Helmut's doing, would it? But since Bob and Helmut were merged... now I'm really confused.

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