Monday, May 13th, 2002 #756
The Third Megaman Game The Cossack Buster
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The Cossack Buster (or Blaster) is Ran's super-powerful weapon and running gag. Ran came by it in different ways depending on which comic you're reading. In the Cataclysm movies, where he uses it to blast Zero out of the city, it was given to him by the Author. In the comic, it was designed by the Alternates to help fight Bob during the Fifth Megaman Game storyline.

I believe the sprite of Ran's blaster was heavily edited from Proto Man's 16-bit blaster, with a hammer and sickle added, of course.

Star Wars Episode II was just about to come out, and I was getting excited. To celebrate, I put together this sprite of Helmut wielding a duel-lightsaber, ala Darth Maul. It seemed appropriate, though I probably should've made it red.

After the relative disappointment that was Episode I, I had a lot of high hopes for Episode II. Remember, this was before we knew how bad Episode II was going to be. This was before "Sand is rough. You're soft and smooth." or "I slaughtered an entire village of sand people. LOVE ME!"
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