Bob and George
Sunday, November 28th, 2004 #1686
The Fifth Megaman Game Meteoric End
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After Mega Hulk's explosion and the Halloween special, I thought I'd do one more animated special, this time featuring what is essentially the end of the storyline. I was quite pleased with how it turned out.

In case you're wondering, I did the voice of Bob, iX did the voice of Alternate Mega Man, Plague did the voice of Alternate Bass, Esper did the voice of Dr. Wily, and Rick did the voice of Dr. Light.

I asked iX to do the voice of Mega Man because I figured there's a connection between X and Mega Man, so that should work. Similarly, in Plague's comic, his character is another creation of Dr. Wily's so it makes sense to use him as the voice of Bass. I asked Rick to do Dr. Light because Rick was already doing the voice for the Cataclysm movies. And I think I asked Esper to do Dr. Wily's voice because I couldn't think of anyone that might have a connection to Dr. Wily, and he did a really bitchin' Dr. Wily voice. In fact, I had him lined up to do Dr. Wily's voice in the Fourth Cataclysm Movie, which never got made.

Also, in the original game, this was only Dark Man's fortress, with Dr. Wily's fortress elsewhere, so you might be wondering why Dr. Wily's mad that it got blown up. But remember that in this storyline, Dark Man never had a fortress, which means this was probably Dr. Wily's and Bob just redecorated.

He does know a guy, after all.
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