Bob and George
Tuesday, June 19th, 2001 #431
The Second Megaman Game Back to the Future, Again
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This comic brings up a thought I've often had concerning time travel. As is implied from their thought and text bubbles, the events of this storyline are apparently responsible for giving both Dr. Light and Dr. Wily the ideas of building X and Bass, respectively.

Let's say you really liked the Lord of the Rings movies. Let's say you liked them so much that you think Tolkein himself should see them. So you travel back in time, DVDs and a portable DVD player in hand, to a time before the books were written. And after JRR Tolkein stops freaking out about the amazing technology, you sit him down and show him the movies that would be made of the books he hasn't written yet.

Now, if you do this, does it mean you are ultimately responsible for giving Tolkein the ideas for the books in the first place? Are your actions responsible for the books being written? Are the books now based on the movies that were based on the books? But if that's the case, then where did the original ideas come from? Where did the concepts first come from? Further, were you fated to do what you did? Were the books fated to be written? Were the movies fated to be made, and specifically made by Peter Jackson?

There's a similar problem with the Terminator series, since according to T2, Skynet was created using technology scavenged from the first Terminator sent back by Skynet. But then where did Skynet come from in the first place? Was there ever a time when Skynet was not created from the Terminator? Would there be a timeline in which Tolkein came up with the ideas himself, or have you always been there, showing him the DVDs?

Predestination paradoxes and circular time loops can give you a headache.

You know, I have no idea why the time machine makes a "FWOOSH!" sound here instead of the regular three sonic booms.
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